Is It Too Late To Save Ourselves?  Hi-def digital photo at FUBAR Glitch Festival, Zagreb, Croatia. 2019.
Blue Incision.  Hardcore Abstraction show at The Orphanage Gallery, Dayton, OH.  2019.
“... as if you are my last breath ...” – sound installation  @ Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM/Kohvik), Tallinn, Estonia, 2018.
"Pasunalugu" Sound Installation for World Music Day in collaboration with the Tallinn University Dance Department at Tallinn University, 2018.
"Father Forgive Me, For I Have ..."  video installation at FUBAR, Zagreb, Croatia. 2018.
“Deeper than Surface Memories” Painting exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, New York, 2017.
 “mas o menos” (183 X 183 – High definition photographs taken while in Tallinn, Estonia, 2015) in Contemporary Time exhibition, Davis Art Gallery, Worcester, MA.  2015.
Filthy/Chastity - Sound Installation in conjunction with an exhibition by Carla Castiajo in an abandoned bathroom at 5 Lembitu, Tallinn, Estonia (included on the PhD dissertation CD)
Cease/Remain - Sound Installation, Pirita Konvent, in conjunction with the PhD exhibition by Carla Castiajo (Eesti KunstiAkadeemia).  2015. (included on the PhD dissertation CD)
Sound installation, Heino Eller Music Academy, 2015
“Burning Questions” (60cm x 40 cm Hi-definition Photograph) taken in Tallinn, Estonia, shown at the Davis Art Gallery, Worcester, MA. 2016.
"These Memories Course my Soul” Davis Art Gallery, Worcester, MA  2017

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