“from here to there,” Sett Movie Night – Queer Film Festival
“The MUDRAS Project,” Teenie Weenie Music
“you are here now,” Mare Nostrum Label
15 scores published by wandelweiser, Haan, GR
ApocalyXMAS Now, Camembert Electrique
Artist Profile, Ambient Radio 24, Italy
Artist-in-residence, Alice Boner Institute, Varanasi, IN
Asynchronous Drone Orchestra, Milan, IT
Being fearful of sleeping alone at night, Autohypnosis, MUTERecords
BOY4X, Teenie Weenie Music
cloud shadows, Drone Day, May 27
Cloud Shadows, world premiere, Prague Quiet Music Collective, September, 2023
Der Flug, City and Memories Project, The British Library
Dharma Open, Daphne Oram Tribute Compilation, IFAR Recordings
Dilnewas,,world premiere, Kristjan Kannukene, Estonian Music and Theater Academy, Tallinn, Estonia
Disquiet Music, Camembert Electrique,
Finding Center, SoundandMeditation Recordings
First Light, Imaginary North, Single Digital Release
Glitch4ChaosMagick, Prague, CZ
Infinite horizon, Teenie Weenie Music
Itten’s Portal, remix for Lauri Lest afekt/reflect CD
Kalamaja (CD release), Teenie Weenie Music
Keep telling yourself that, Autohypnosis Project, MUTEREcords
Klangraum, wandelweiser Düsseldorf, GR
Lullaby Project, Tallinn, Estonia
Parable: d’ensoleillement et d’ombre” Etudes for Denis Dufour, IFAR Recordings
Prague Quiet Music Festival, Prague,
prideART Berlin, exhibition, Berlin, GR
Saraswathiu, Mare Nostrum label, France
SIRP Review of Snake Story, April, 2023
Snake Story, Made in Estonia Marathon, 2023
Soundfields, vol. 1, Teenie Weenie Music
The Cavern of Oracles, Imaginary North 005
The complex responsibility of a simple line, world premiere, Stephen Drury, New England Conservatory
The Visual work had to be a form of music, EKKM, Tallinn, Estonia
Varuna, Mare Nostrum Label, France
Willliam Turner Painting in the Afternoon Sun near Northumber, Intl. Drone Day, May 2023

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