​​​​​​​Abstraction, Envision Arts - UK
Artist's Living Room, US
Asynchronous Drone Orchestra, Milan, IT
At the Border of Poetry and Music, Univ. of California Press, USA
Athens Digital Art Festival, GR
Collect Art: Queer Art Special - BG
Dare-Zine - BG
Destruktiva Film Fetival, GR
Ethical dilemmas, Video Art conference, Zagreb, HR
European Digital Art Fair, London, GB
Gallery MUI - Today I ___, UK
Gjon Mili International Film Fetival, Tirana/Korca, and New York
Glitch Art Brazil - BR
Glitch Art is Dead, Minneapolis, MN, USA
No Time for Farewells, Ambient Online compilation D
Old Red TV, SC
PEACE 2022 - multiple international cities
Queer Art Special, Tbilisi, Georgia
Sett Studio Film Festival, SC
Talking Cure, FR
Tallinn Bearty Visual Arts Festival - EE
"the space between" - Black Mountain College Museum, NC
Vondelbunker, NK
Gratitude, Walk-By Gallery, NJ

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